Sources we like

This is a list of sites where we have often found interesting information. Not exhaustive, but we will update this page regularly. Did we miss something? Send us your suggestions. 

Project Syndicate delivers cutting-edge analysis and insight from prominent business leaders, policy makers, academics and advocates from around the world.

ImpactAlpha is led by David Bank, formerly of The Wall Street Journal, who is seeking to establish anew media brand for the growing number of people who believe our most pressing social and environmental challenges represent the biggest business opportunities of the 21 century.

  • Devex Impact

    Devex Impact is a global initiative by Devex and USAID in partnership with top international organizations and private industry. Devex is a media platform for the global development community, connecting and informing 700,000+ people.

  • Monocle

    Monocle is a magazine focusing on global affairs, business, culture and design. Monocle's mission is to keep an eye on the world.

  • Fast Company

    Fast Company describes itself as a progressive business media brand, with an editorial focus on innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design.


    WIRED examines how ideas and innovation are changing the world. Each month in the magazine and every day online, its editors strive to deliver a glimpse into the future of business, culture, innovation, and science. 

  • strategy+business

    strategy+business (s+b) is a business magazine published by Booz & Co. It looks at decisions leaders face in strategy, marketing, operations, human capital, public presence, governance, and elsewhere--and the impact those decisions have.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine

    Entrepreneur magazine describes itself as "the premier source for everything small business." 

  • trendwatching

    An independent consumer trends tracking site that leverages a global network of consumers to crowdsource its data. Also available in Chinese, Korean, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish versions.

  • INSEAD Knowledge

    INSEAD has campuses on three continents: Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and Abu Dhabi, and its Knowledge portal captures insights and ideas from across the business school's broad network.

  • McKinsey Quarterly

    The business journal of McKinsey & Company seeks to offer new ways of thinking about management in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 

  • Religion and Other Curiosities

    Catalyst Fellow and renown sociologist Peter Berger writes this blog for The American Interest. We like his ability to follow paths both intuitive and counterintuitive as he examines the crossroads of religion, economics, and society.

  • Harvard Business Review

    Harvard Business Review Press publishes some of the leading thinking in the areas of business strategy, general management, technology, leadership, human resources and innovation.

  • MIT Media Lab

    Actively promoting a unique, antidisciplinary culture, the MIT Media Lab goes beyond known boundaries and disciplines, encouraging the most unconventional mixing and matching of seemingly disparate research areas.

  • The Economist

    The Economist offers insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science and technology. Articles are written anonymously out of a belief that what is written is more important than who writes it.

  • Infoseek China

    InfoseekChina aggregates English content about China, covering top stories to business and investing, science & technology, government & politics, travel & tourism, sports, entertainment & much more.

  • Guardian Global Development

    An independent element of the Guardian, funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, its purpose is to focus on global development, with particular reference to the millennium development goals.