A multi-year, multi-disciplinary research program (joined with Oxford University's Said Business School and other leading academic institutions) to develop a new business model whereby mutuality drives a superior level of business performance – through modified metrics and management practices that deliver a higher form of mutuality across the various forms of ‘Capital,’ e.g., Social / Human / Natural / Shared Financial. This ground breaking research program includes a 'base of the pyramid' focus whereby we are successfully deciphering he patterns that drive shared prosperity to low income communities, leveraging Human and Social Capital to unlock Shared Financial Capital where it is otherwise not evident.

That's a great deal to compress into a short paragraph, so we've created a few additional resources if you'd like to learn more: three brief videos, an edition of the Brewery Journal devoted to the topic of Mutuality, and this article from the Oxford Said Review on the topic of Responsible Business.

A very brief introduction to the Economics of Mutuality.

Our Economics of Mutuality research explained in under 10 minutes.

Partnerships and Mutuality