A transparent approach to AI

Artificial intelligence is considered by many tech industry leaders to be the most significant computing area currently under development, with the power to transform and disrupt business models, labor markets, marketing and customer engagement.

Facebook’s approach to AI seems to be fundamentally different from its giant competitors in this field (Google, Microsoft, Apple), not in the fields they research, but in the way the company goes about it. In a word, that approach is “open."

Instead of hiding its R&D, Facebook publishes its code online on open source platforms, engages the scientific and external communities through sharing instead of protecting its knowledge, and tries to take advantage of the intrinsically "anti-rival” property of knowledge. It is their way as latecomers to the AI party to catch up to rivals, and they seem to be picking up some momentum (check out this article Fast Company)

-- Yassine El Ouarzazi

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