Youth, technology, and the future of farming

In a recent article at ICTworks, graduate student Cassiane Cladis asks if information and communication technology (ICT) can generate enthusiasm among youth to be farmers. As Cladis notes, this is a particularly significant question for anyone interested in chocolate because there are fewer cocoa farmers today than there were a decade ago as older farmers are not being replaced by a younger generation.

Technological solutions are being deployed to support farmers in Africa, Asia and South America right now. These initiatives are designed to promote best practices, provide more timely and accurate weather, environmental data, and market information.

Cladis seems most interested in what else ICTs can do, and if they can entice a new generation by educating, connecting and building a community of young farmers who "work smarter and who work together." It's an interesting read, and we hope it encourages you to add your own thoughts on the subject.

Image source: Mars Sustainable Cocoa Initiative

-- Clara Shen

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