The benefits of connected farming in emerging markets

Click on image to enlargeFarmers in emerging markets are facing their fair share of challenges when trying to improve their livelihoods and increase production to meet growing demand - a lack of infrastructure and information, financial barriers and the looming threat of water scarcity and climate change, to name a few. According to a recently released report by Vodafone, in order to overcome these challenges farmers in emerging markets are turning to mobile solutions.

The report explores the successes achieved and further potential impact from Vodafone rolling out six connectivity services to India, designed to help farmers and agricultural businesses to increase yield, improve efficiency and to boost incomes and rural livelihoods, all while reducing their environmental footprint.

Vodafone's six initiatives help support information services, receipt services, payments and loans, field audits, access to local markets and smartphone-enabled services. The benefits of the services are abundant – better access to information about agricultural best practices and weather forecasts, better access to information on market prices and the ability to connect more easily with buyers, improved communication and efficiency in agricultural supply chains, a reduction in fraud and losses, better access to capital and financial services and reduced travel time and costs.

According to the report, these six services alone have the potential to positively impact the lives of nearly 70 million Indian farmers in 2020, generating over $9 billion in additional annual income for farmers – that's an average $128 increase in income for over 60% of Indian farmers.

Image source: Vodaphone

-- Yan Toh

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