Andala Learning model

Young Nigerians face challenges such as high unemployment and relatively few options advanced education and career-oriented training -- daunting obstacles for the individuals, and an impediment to the country's future economic development. Yet two entrepreneurs examining the situation found an opportunity here to raise the bar in education and employment for Nigeria's youth, according to a recent CNN report.

The pair, Nigerian Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and his American mentor Jeremy Johnson, noted that U.S. companies are having difficulties finding professionals to fill technology positions, even at the upper end of the pay scale. They decided to create Andala, a startup talent accelerator that finds smart and ambitious young Nigerians and puts them through a rigorous education program.

The selection process is extremely tough -- with an acceptance rate of just 1% -- and the training is thorough. Trainees are paid an upper-middle class wage, and graduates are placed with large corporations and promising startups, all while allowing them to remain based in Nigeria.

A solution that reaches across the developed and developing worlds to provide a mutual and economically sustainable benefit is a concept we like.

Image source: CNN

-- Clara Shen



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