Maua & Bloom -- putting mutuality theories to the test

In introducing Mars' efforts to build an economics of mutuality to the world last year, Chairman Stephen Badger stated:

Without tangible action, I fear that capitalism will both fail to reach its full potential or achieve the benefits so desperately needed for the 7 billion alive today and those who are still to come on our fragile planet Earth."

Catalyst has worked over the past six years to create a rigorous framework to measure mutuality in all its elements across our value chain, and our findings so far have been reviewed and validated by internal and external experts. But "tangible action" requires, in part, real-world testing of our metrics and theories. Maua and Bloom are two such tests, pilots for new business models that will enable us to reach--and create mutually beneficial relationships with--consumers at the middle of the diamond (also known as the "base of the pyramid).

We invite you to read a more detailed description of Maua and Bloom on a new page we have created on this site, and please check back here for future updates as our project team members will be weighing in with updates.

-- Clara Shen


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