Book recommendation: Frugal Innovation

Navi Radjou, an innovation and leadership strategist and friend of Catalyst, has co-written a new book that we recommend wholeheartedly.

Frugal Innovation proposes a breakthrough approach to solving some of the most complex issues of our global economy as it empowers human beings to use their creativity to generate economic and social value while preserving the environment.

In this work, the authors set out to explain:

  • How to achieve mass customization, using low-cost robotics, inexpensive product design and virtual prototyping software.
  • How consumers and other external partners can help develop products

  • How to implement sustainable practices, such as the production of waste-free products

  • How to change the corporate culture to become more frugal

In my view, this is must read for thought leaders and practitioners worldwide.


-- Bruno Roche

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