Google moonshots, revisited

We recently posted about Astro Teller, the director of Google's long-term innovation lab known as Google X. Mystery PR may be priceless for tech companies -- and Google X has solid mystery credentials -- but this look at the division and its process from Fast Company last year delves a bit deeper into the team's innovation process and failure metric.

It also sets out the three overarching requirements for all Google X projects:

  1. All must address a problem that affects millions—or better yet, billions—of people.
  2. All must utilize a radical solution that has at least a component that resembles science fiction.
  3. And all must tap technologies that are now (or very nearly) obtainable.

The most interesting insight in the piece may be this: "Google X, as Teller describes it, is an experiment in itself—an effort to reconfigure the process by which a corporate lab functions."

-- Bojan Angelov

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