Entrepreneurship and growth

Growth is change. If organizations and cultures often resist change, this can impact the prospects for corporate growth initiatives. A recent BCG paper on "Organizing for Growth" examines this dilemma from the perspective of leadership and makes recommendations to improve the odds of success.

We enjoyed the authors' attention to the roles internal entrepreneurship and culture play in generating growth. New growth can require leaders with a different style--leaders who are more adaptive and agile--to the ones running the core business. Yet it is not enough to parachute new entrepreneur into a system that might impede their progress.

Culture is not an afterthought, and it is not easily changed. The BCG recommendations include meshing new approaches into existing practices, paying particular attention to organizational design in the process. Easier said than done? The authors' agree that it's hard work, but worth the effort. What do you think?

Image source: BCG

-- Bruno Roche


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