It's not just about the right questions -- it's about the right person asking the question

Kristin Lacy, NGO Semilla Nueva's director of Monitoring, Evaluations and Grants argues that for organizations to achieve truly sustainable, locally-led development, they must include program participants not only in project design, but also in project analysis.

In Who Asks the Question May be as Important as the Question Itself: When the surveyed become the surveyors, monitoring and evaluation becomes localized, Lacy advocates sustainability of M&E work through the empowerment of local communities. This puts the tools for sustainable development – from project design to evaluation – into the hands of the beneficiaries themselves.

It's a potentially powerful idea, and it parallels the operating model we have in mind for MAUA, which involves MAUA Operations Representatives (recruited from the poor communities we are operating in) administer surveys measuring Shared Financial Capital, Human Capital and Social Capital.

-- Jia Yan Toh

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