Hendrick's: targeting consumers by culture instead of demographics

Hendrick's Gin recently held a theatrical and whimsical pop-up event at Cyclorama, a historic building in downtown Boston, inviting hundreds of Bostonians to experience, taste, and observe weird, delightful things. Hendrick's Emporium of the Unusual was designed with quirky consumers, or hipsters, in mind. As a recent profile in Fast Company observes,

The brand has made itself an expert on hipster culture, observing it with an almost anthropological fascination."

This targeting has been effective, with operating profits rising 10.6% last year, stemming from a reputation built on "word of mouth and careful nurturing of the brand." Senior brand manager Kirsten Walpert says the brand focuses on psychographic qualities related to attitudes and lifestyles instead of demographics, and most of their consumers are young city dwellers in their twenties and thirties. Through targeting key events and partner organizations that align with the brand's ethos, Hendrick's Gin is paving a unique path for itself.

Image source: Fast Company

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