New Asian Trends Monitoring Urban Poor Bulliten

We previously wrote about the valuable insights ATM's Urban Poor series provides.  And we find the latest bulliten in the series an important addition. 

From the synopsis:

Education is a vital tool for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Indeed, it is often claimed that educated children will be able to earn more money in the long run, eventually lifting the entire family out of poverty. This, in turn, leads to the future generations being better educated and able to enhance the financial well-being of families and communities. However, reality is rarely that simple. A 2006 OECD report on education notes that economic and social disadvantages are equally important elements to consider as they can severely hamper the educational experience of learners. While social disadvantages influence test scores and educational achievements in the developed world, in the developing countries of Southeast Asia, economic and social disadvantages are severe impediments to even accessing and attending school.

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