Community strength and the value chain in Kenya

We came across this piece in by Michael Hoevel, Deputy Director of Agriculture for Impact, in the Huffington Post, about a project to help strengthen rural communities in Kenya by re-introducing sorghum as a commercial crop.

One of the things we like about the description of this ongoing work is the recognition that, in order to be effective, the project must take the value chain for sorghum into account.  It is not enough that sorghum, a native grain, will grow better than corn/maize in the Kenyan climate.  It's not even enough to ensure that the farmers growing the crop utilize effective agricultural practices for better yeild and processing.  To be truly effective, sorghum's place in the value chain of various food and beverage products must be understood and -- if necessary, promoted, in order for the positive impact to be sustainable.

You can read the full article following the link above.

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