Kevin Kelly on the Future, Productivity, and the Quality of Life

This podcast episode offers a compelling economic perspective on Technology. See also the references.

Provocative questions are being discussed, such as:

  • Did the 3rd industrial revolution (computers) impact productivity ?

It's been a classic measurement question in productivity numbers as to why computing hadn't had a large, measurable effect on the productivity numbers. Why we didn't see a spike or at least some kind of large jump.

On the other side, a lot of corporations were spending a lot of money adding computing to their capital. If they are spending all this money there must be some bang for the buck; Where is it?

Looking at the past, it is exactly what happened to the farmers. It's not that farming went to India and China. It's that the farming went to robots. We mechanicasized it. We invented all these machines that are almost robotic and becoming more so every year, including ones that now self-drive.

Something similar could happen in other professions. It's not obvious that in 10 or 50 years there should beas many teachers. There could be fewer in number and they could be doing very different things than a teacher of today does. Because of the opportunity to learn online and share knowledge from the best teachers

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