Catalyst Asia Intelligence Note #1 -- 18 May 2012

Introduction: What is this?

As we develop our "curated content" model, we would like to share some of the most interesting material from our Catalyst Asia site with you.  These may be articles, reports, visualizations, videos, or other media that has been posted here by associates, or suggested by our Catalyst colleagues and fellows.

Intelligence, in this instance, is knowledge and insights--usually from the outside--that we believe could be useful to our Mars colleagues.  We have read it, and provided very brief summaries of the content so you can decide if you would like read the details.  We are launching this via a blog and bullet-format email in order to make this resource as widely accessible as possible.

We hope you will enjoy these notes, and that you will tell us how we can improve them and tailor them to your requirements.

Building Innovative & Cross Cultural Teams


This is a good, quick primer on the suprisingly wide range of "acceptable" levels of confrontation in the business cultures of different countries.  From Erin Meyer and HBR: Managing Confrontation in Multicultural Teams

Lee Flemming's 2004 HBR discussion on creating innovative teams--and the ability to calibrate the frequency and degree of innovation sought from these teams remains relevant today as we look at creating innovative business models.  Perfecting Cross-Pollination


Research Focus: Senior Executive Perceptions of CSR--from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Germany and the United States


Findings from Michael Witt and Gordon Reading (INSEAD) regarding differences in the degree to which executives from different countries are concerned with the role of their firms in society, and that they have different conceptualizations of how firms contribute to society.  A pre-print of an article that will be published in the Socio-Economic Review. The Spirits of CSR: Senior Executive Perceptions of the Role of the Firm in Society in Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and the United States

Emerging Market Reference Materials from the Economist Intelligence Unit


The folks at the Economist Intelligence Unit have started to publish a series of guides on various aspects of doing business in BRIC countries, and we have created a new category under "Topics" to make them accessible to you.  A good place to find basic reference information on HR, Trade, Intellectual Property, etc...the files will be posted/updated as they come in.  Economist Intelligence Unit Reports


Two Views on National "Innovativeness" from S+B

Interview published by S+B with INSEAD professor Soumitra Dutta on how the Global Innovation Index helps show which nations are on the rise and which are not.  The Innovativeness of Nations

The authors of this article write that to many global incumbents, the threat of mid-market innovators seems remote. But if the trends continue in a plausible fashion, they could move to center stage, and a new category of competitor — low-price, medium-quality Chinese B2B upstarts — is shaking up the global competitive landscape.  China's Mid-Market Innovators


Catalyst Asia Intelligence Briefing - June 2012

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